Garden Sun 44000 BTU Propane Patio Heater Review

Garden Sun 44000 BTU
Garden Sun GS4400SS Propane Patio Heater
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Garden Sun 44000 BTU Propane Patio Heater Review

The Garden Sun GS4400SS Propane Patio Heater is a wonderful way for you to prolong your enjoyment of your deck or patio space during fall, spring, and cool summer nights.

The Garden Sun Outdoor Propane Powered Heater contains a powerful heating element that produces over 44,000 BTU's that can heat an area up to 175 square feet or 15 feet around the unit -- easily converting your outdoor patio, porch or swimming pool area into a warm and relaxing area which can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

The Garden Sun Patio Heater is simple to start and requires no electricity or batteries. To power on the heater, simply select the heating level and push the Easy-Light ignition switch. The propane tank (any standard barbeque tank up to 30 pounds) is concealed out of view inside the stainless steel base.

Safety is a top priority with the Garden Sun Patio Heater. If the unit ever tips or is pushed over, the Garden Sun's integrated safety valve will immediately cut off the propane and shut the unit off.

Made to be used in all seasons and weather, it's stainless steel construction guarantees that your new heater will hold up and retain its finish regardless of weather conditions.


Highlight Features

  • 44,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to a 175 Square Foot Area -- 15 foot radius
  • Includes a Built-in Safety shut down valve
  • Height: 87-Inches
  • Stainless Burner and Heating Grid

Garden Sun GS4400SS Patio Heater Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

The Garden Sun GS4400SS is one of the best selling home outdoor patio heaters and receives good (but mixed) reviews from owners with over 64% rating this patio heater as 4 or more stars (out of 5). Around 20% of owners give this heater only 1 or 2 stars for reasons ranging from difficulties with installation to trouble starting.

Positive Customer Reviews

Great for use around a table when playing cards or gathering for a meal. Very sturdy, great for the price.
-- C.R.

This is a wonderful, sleek looking patio heater and a does a great spreading the warmth around our table. We use it at least 3 times a week and it works great.
-- R.C.

Great purchase. We smoke outside the house and this turned out to be absolutely perfect for our needs.
-- B.

Negative Customer Comments

This heater does not heat up to 15 feet away. 5 feet maybe if it's not too cold. Good for around tables, not much else.
-- C.

Took forever to assemble and it never fires up on the first try. I wish I would have spent a little more for a better model.
-- H.W.