Endless Summer 233000 Patio Heater Review

endless summer patio heater
Uniflame Endless Summer Patio Heater 233000
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Uniflame Endless Summer 233000 Patio Heater Review

Thanks for checking out our description and review of the Uniflame Endless Summer 233000 Stainless Steel Commercial Outdoor Heater.

The Endless Summer 233000 Patio Heater is a great choice for heating outdoor areas such as patios, decks, swimming pool areas, and anywhere where people gather. It provides an impressive 40,000 BTU's capable of heating areas up to 20 feet in diameter.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

The Uniflame Endless Summer 233000 Commercial Patio Heaters features an adjustable temperature setting allowing for full control of the amount of heat produced. Need just a little warmth for a cool summer evening? The lowest temperature setting might be all you need. On the other hand, if you entertaining a large group of people you can adjust the temperature for maximum heat capable of covering up to 314 square feet.


The 233000 Patio Heater requires no electricity and requires only a standard propane tank like used on a gas grill.

Safety Features

In the case of accidental tipping, the Endless Summer Patio Heater features a safety cut-off switch that will immediately and automatically turn the heater off if it is tilted or pushed over.

Additional features of the Uniflame Endless Summer Patio Heater include stainless steel construction and finish, IPPE3 commercial grade engine, pushbutton electric start, and a easy-access door for quick and easy cylinder access.

This unit also comes with a 1-year warranty.


Feature Highlights

  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Multi-Spark Electronic Ignition
  • Removable Control Panel
  • 26.5 inch reflector
  • 93 inches tall
  • Safety cut-off features
  • Stainless steel finish and construction
  • No electricity required
  • 1-year warranty

Endless Summer 233000 Patio Heater Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Endless Summer 233000 are very good with over 85% of all reviews we've found being 4 or more stars (out of 5). We did find one very negative review from an owner stating that the heater will not stay lit, but few other owners have reported this problem. The 233000 does come with a 1-year warranty which provides a safety-net against receiving a bad unit.

Positive Customer Reviews

We've had a few patio heaters over the years and this is the best for the money. Adjustable temperature settings get a lot of use on our heater, great feature. Provides plenty of heat. Happy so far.
-- R.C.

We needed a patio heater that would allow us to sit outside in the evenings and enjoy a glass of wine. This heater has been wonderful so far!
-- C.W.

This heater is very well-made and was simple to assemble. I think a 20 foot diameter heat area is pushing it, but 10 feet definitely. Good product.
-- B.M.

Negative Customer Comments

Pilot will not stay lit, no matter what. When it does stay lit, it will puff out within minutes.
-- S.C.

Requires cleaning every so often if you want it to work like new.
-- R.